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Our Mission

Our mission is to advance the understanding of bacterial physiology to develop novel therapeutics, preventive strategies, and gain insight into fundamental biological processes. We are committed to conducting innovative research that benefits society by improving health and increasing knowledge of inter and intraspecies interactions.

Our Research Focus

At The Keller Lab, we conduct cutting-edge research on mechanisms employed by Streptococcus pneumoniae to establish either a benign colonization or cause disease. We also study bacterial community development in response to changes in environmental conditions and variations in the bacterial genome that alter bacterial physiology.

Our Approach

Our research approach involves numerous molecular techniques to better understand the intricate details of host-pathogen interactions. By using various 'omics approaches, microscopy, and both in vivo and in vitro models we can address several issues relevant to today.

About The Keller Lab

The Keller Lab is a research group that focuses on understanding the details of host-pathogen interactions. We use molecular genetics to identify key virulence factors that enable bacterial colonization and disease. Our goal is to develop novel therapeutics and preventive strategies for infectious diseases.

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